Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The complains about Bailey's Gym keep flowing in!

Don't let this happen to you - choose a gym that does not practice shady contracts and one that doesn't do everything it can to nickel and dime it's members!

From a member at the Jax Beach location:

I had to cancel my membership. The gym manager suggested suspending it temporarily. I did that for 6 months and still decided I wanted to cancel. Instead, they have a tricky loop-hole in their contract concerning a cancel code in the wording of the cancellation. I, as a customer and not an employee of the gym, wouldn't know that code meant I needed to take an additional step. I was told my account was closed by the gym manager. They ended up charging me for two more months even after I called to complain and request a refund. They never refunded my money and tried a third time to charge me for another month. Their accounting rep told me on the phone (and I quote) "Well that's too bad for you, because we have every right to keep charging you. There's nothing you can do." In addition, their equipment at the jax beach location is shoddy, bathrooms, the parking lot is a disaster and a flood zone when it rains, the ladies room showers are dirty and their class room (the ONE they have) is way too small.

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