Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bailey's Rant and Review

I was a member of my gym for over 3 years before they were bought out by Bailey's Power House Gym in Jacksonville. Ironically I was moving out of state right around this same time. I spoke to multiple employees at the gym letting them know we were leaving months in advance.

3 weeks before we leave I go to the Bailey's gym desk again to ensure everything is taken care of and they inform me that I will owe an additinal month since they need 30 days notice in writing. So after many conversations they won't budge even though their employees didn't ask for this months ago and I am stuck paying another 50 dollars. If they I don't pay they won't cancel the contract and will continue to bill me monthly for a service I am not using.

HORRIBLE customer service through this whole process. I sure did enjoy my gym when it was a small company that was ncie to work with. Bailey's may be cheaper than others but they will screw you with hidden fees and terms at every chance they have.

Avoid Baileys at all costs!

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